LAN & WAN Services

The most secure IT environment is built based on modern systems/hardware with the best security processes and practices. We offer customers comprehensive services covering the design, construction, security and expansion of local or wide area networks. We use our sophisticated test labs to run and analyse networks based on their requirements. In terms of networking solutions, we offer expertise in the performance of services and above all we have a team of qualified specialists working 24/7. Our company designs, secures and implements network LANs/WANs individually for each company based on the needs of the current and future developments.

Our services for LAN and WAN include:

  • designing, implementing and troubleshooting Local Area Network
  • designing and installing wireless networks WiFi (WLAN)
  • active network equipment configuration – routers, switches, access points
  • selection and installation of IT equipment for power surge protection (UPS)
  • installation and configuration software which monitors network activity and performance
  • Installation of Wan circuits between multiple sites
  • Installing & upgrading Internet services

There is no charge for a site survey should you purchase one of our services.

Simply call us on 0208 292 8916 / or email us for more information or to discuss further.


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