What does TechNet Easy Services offer?
TechNet Easy Services is filling out market gaps by providing technical services at affordable prices. We have a range of services which you can choose from in addition to that we do provide hardware to our clients.

What is Cyber Security?
Cyber Security is a combination of processes, practices and technologies aimed to protect computers/end nodes, networks, software, operating systems (OS), websites and data from unauthorised access, attack and damages.

How do I know which services are best for me?
Get in touch with us if you are uncertain of what is best suited to your business needs, can you an estimation.

Is is possible to get discount on multiple services?
We match or better our competitors within the industry; we put customers first and will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Can we have more than one service at a time?
Yes, anyone can have more than one service.

Can we add more services after getting the first one?
Yes, more services can be added later on.

Can someone enrol in more than one course at a time?
Yes anyone can enrol in more than one course at a time; however, we advise our clients to register one course at a time, so you do not have any conflicting times within your chosen courses.

Can I get discount on multiple courses?
Our prices are very low. Our first aim is to transfer hands-on skills to people at a very affordable price. However, we will try our best to facilitate you. We are sure once you signup with us on any course, chances are you would prefer coming back to us should you require other skills.

Where is training conducted for enterprise customers?
We are flexible with that, it can be delivered on-site (one of our locations) or at your site.

What will be charged to conduct training at client side?
The price will differ depending on location and number of candidates, and please contact us for more information.